6:55 am- Downss

September, 10, 2008

Morning world =) How have you been my world? Healthy? Fresh? Green? I hope you’re juz fine coz I’m living my life on you. Hmm.. for me life has been not so great now. Few things happened at work and upset me. Really distress me. My dreams to be back working in morning shift has destroyed. No more morning shift unless i move out from the department. Colleagues are being weird with their own behaviors, war here and there, and the most upset thing is, a “creature” i’m working with is cursing and hating me. It’s hard to even consider him as a team member since he showed the real type of human he is. Never in my life I found this kind of creature and now I have to work with him?? I really pissed off whenever I think of this. OMG.. I believe this is one of the tests for me in Ramadhan.


Talking about  Ramadhan, Alhamdullilah today is my 3rd day fasting (once on the 1st Ramadhan n 2 more after a week off =P) Been to bazar Ramadhan twice, break fast at home twice and solat terawih once.. sob sob.. I pity myself. Well, life still going on. I have to take it for now coz I believe, one day the rainbow will show up again =)  

Aja-aja fighting! =D

Happy fasting to all!


Morning Glory

August, 27, 2008

Today I started the trial for working in morning shift. Ahha. Morning shift. 7 am – 4 pm.  After 1 year and 2 months working in evening shift from 3/4 pm – 12/1 am, yess.. I am BIG HAPPY for this =). I was really waiting for any chances to work in the morning since before. Last night, I wished i could sleep early so i won’t be late as i used to sleep at 3 or 4 am previously. Coincidencely i got flu last nite. Cannot tahan with it so i swallowed one flu pill at 10++, the sleepy one. Deep in my heart i know that i misused the pill coz the flu wasn’t that bad actually.. heheh =P


After taking the pill, i got into my room and get ready to sleep. About half an hour later, my eyes were hardly open. So i laid on the bed, hugged my bantal bushuk, and grabbed my phone to set up the alarm. I set it up at 5 (with hope i can have some sahur to qada’ my posa. last minit br nak kelam kabut ganti! =P) and get ready to depart at 6 from home. My eyes then slowly closed.. opened.. closed.. opened.. and closed at all. At 11 pm..  ZzzzZzzzZzzz… Kroh kroh kroohhh…


Haaahhhhh!!!  6:17 am! I’m gonna be late yes i’m gonna be lateee. Guess what? I wrongly set the alarm for Wed and Thurs only. Waddaa~ I reached my workstation at 716 am. Terbabas 16 minit but still, i was the first. ahahaha.. neway, good try for the 1st day what. Congratez nurul =P After speeding all the way to KL, i took around 20 minutes (could be less if the highway is not berbukit2) hmmmph.. Very costly actually to work in the morning coz i need to drive (petrol + tol). But i still enjoy it. Lets try for the 2nd day tomorrow. Yattaa~!

An evening alone

August, 16, 2008


Activity of the day: Joging / Slow Walk / Photography

Venue: From back of Lanai to Kelab Tasik Putrajaya



Eyoo~ I just came back from an evening jog which most of the time were spent with shooting pictures here and there =P Hmm nothing much to share here cause i was alone. But at least, i managed to sweat out my body and burned up a bit fat. I guess.. hahah..

It’s been quite a long time since my last kayak. I still miss those old days =)

What’s Up

August, 16, 2008

After a few weeks since my last post, some things came up shockingly and disappointedly.  The first thing which happened at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka is, my lovely phone was safely dropped and hit by myself, with my own car. Yess, I hit my phone with my own car and when I found it, it was lying under the next car, ringing like nothing was happened. Alhamdullillah only God knows how much i love this phone. Right when I found it, I was kneeling beside someone’s car and kissing my phone like crazy. Luckily there was no one there at that time. Fuh.. Such a long life and tough phone coz there’s no broken part except a few lil’ scratch and a bit kemek at the back =( So, moral of the story is, buy Sony Ericsson phone! eheheheh..


That’s the first. Later on, on the same day, I embarrassed myself by leaving one thing that I should never left it there.  OMG I cannot forget that incident for the rest of my life. It was so ashamed and I can’t tell it here! Only my sister, kak ina and my brother, faiz who knew about this. huhu.. What a clumsy girl.. Shame on me!


Hmm.. what else.. Oo yah.. Last week I got one day MC due to high fever, cough, flu, and sore throat. My body temperature was up to 38.5 celcius. High enough to make me shivering even with sweater and comforter on me. After taking the medicines and finished up the antibiotics, I felt much more better and healthier. Unfortunately the fever came back last few days and killing my patience and emotions at work. I created a scene. I don’t know what happened to me but all I know is, again, I embarrassed myself in front of my colleagues and my boss. Stupid me! huuuhhh..


Finished with all the bad2 things. Now I wanna prepare myself to sleep. Last night I had to gulp down the cough syrup and swallow the flu pills at 4 am as my eyes were so stubborn to shut down. It’s already 319 am now. Hope I will get a nice sleep and sweet dreams tonight. Tata~ Nanite~ =)

I Went To Concert!

June, 29, 2008

I was so lucky yesterday =) Lucky to get to see sarah and amira, to get free ticket to the KKP Concert, and to get to see Anuar Zain and Wings performed LIVE! It was an amazing concert last night and I enjoyed it so much with my friends. The matter of fact is, I am a concert lover. But still have to know who the artists are. Like last night, at first I only knew there was Acha Septriasa but I still been there because I was dying by boredom staying in the house alone while all of my family went to REDANG~! Senyap sunyi je kat sane tak kol org pun =”( sob sob.. xpe.. fine.. I’m good because I can survive and dare to live alone in this house for 4 days. I know I can. Aja-aja fighting!


Hmm.. thinking of last night’s concert, I’m happy to be in the crowd to see Acha, Ac Mizal, Anuar Zain and Awie on the stage. Talking about Anuar Zain, OMG.. he’s soooo good looking and handsome. The best part is when he caca danced. Fuh~ =P Photos? No photos at all. I got lazy bon2 to get up and go to the crowd. hehehe..


To mak (sarah) and amira, thanx so much dear for the ticket and accompanying the lonely me. You two are the best =)

My Standing Point

June, 26, 2008

I just feel like voicing this out. About a situation of me myself refused to be a reference for my friend to apply for a new credit card.

She is a good friend, but for me she is more to a colleague because, she’s totally different when she’s in the office compared to when she’s out of work. It’s not my point to judge anyone in here but what i’m trying to say is, we can be close in the office but not at outside.

The point is, a reference must be selected from any relative of the applicant. Not from a ‘just friend’. At first I nearly say yes but the moment she told me not to tell any other friends of us, I started to think long. She already had a credit card with some unpaidable debts, and now she’s applying another one. The best part is, she picked me (who hardly say no to other people, and with no credit card) to be her reference which should be from her own relatives!

Then my sunshine said, “if we’re being too nice to other people, every bad things will come back to us too”. And that was what I’ve been through all these years. Always..

I’m sorry my friend,

But I don’t want to be fooled again, I just want to save my own b**t..


June, 23, 2008

Recent sasuls by me, myself: 


banana boat          => banana split

pay slip                 => play sip

tong sampah         => song tampah

udang                    => idong

sello tape              => sello top

i wanted to spell e.n.d.a.u, but i spelled out => e.n.d.a.”au”