6:55 am- Downss

Morning world =) How have you been my world? Healthy? Fresh? Green? I hope you’re juz fine coz I’m living my life on you. Hmm.. for me life has been not so great now. Few things happened at work and upset me. Really distress me. My dreams to be back working in morning shift has destroyed. No more morning shift unless i move out from the department. Colleagues are being weird with their own behaviors, war here and there, and the most upset thing is, a “creature” i’m working with is cursing and hating me. It’s hard to even consider him as a team member since he showed the real type of human he is. Never in my life I found this kind of creature and now I have to work with him?? I really pissed off whenever I think of this. OMG.. I believe this is one of the tests for me in Ramadhan.


Talking about  Ramadhan, Alhamdullilah today is my 3rd day fasting (once on the 1st Ramadhan n 2 more after a week off =P) Been to bazar Ramadhan twice, break fast at home twice and solat terawih once.. sob sob.. I pity myself. Well, life still going on. I have to take it for now coz I believe, one day the rainbow will show up again =)  

Aja-aja fighting! =D

Happy fasting to all!


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